Keeping the Golden Rule

Sheepdog Mo working hard to control her sheep.
Little Mo keeps the herdwick sheep on line as they set off towards the first drive gate.

What’s the single, most important rule to remember when you’re training a sheepdog?

Other than subscribing to the Working Sheepdog online tutorials, of course?

There are many important rules to observe when you train a sheepdog to herd sheep, but which one is the most important?

When you start to train a sheepdog you can be forgiven for finding yourself in a spin! Not just the dog and sheep seemingly spinning around you, but your head can spin with all the information you’ve read and heard.

It’s so difficult to put it all into practise when you’re out there in the field on your own with the dog and your livestock.

The Golden Rule tutorial sets out some simple guidelines to apply to all your training, regardless of the breed or temperament of your dog (and sheep).

Among the most important are to always set up any training situation in a way that will give the dog the best chance of success – there’s nothing more discouraging to any dog (or pupil) than to be always getting it wrong.

And then there’s the Praise vs Correction question. It’s so important to get it right, according to the temperament of your dog. Too harsh and the dog may lose confidence in itself (and you) but too soft an approach may mean your sheep having a hard time while the dog learns very little. You have to find a balance.

However, there’s one rule that’s the most important and it’s easy to remember. But how easy will it be to keep…?

Watch The Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training from the online tutorials library. Our sheep and herding dog tutorials are the only videos we know of where you’ll see things going right AND wrong.

We’ll prepare you for training on your own by showing you what to expect, and how to put it right.

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