Kelpie v Collie (2) Red and Mossie’s Training So Far…

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Red’s work

Australian Kelpie puppy chasing sheep

We dont normally allow a pup of Red’s age to go near sheep because a threatening sheep can permanently ruin a dog’s confidence, but when we collected Red, he’d already been to sheep.

The farmer (Meirion) demonstrated this as you’ll see from the picture, and we could see that Red’s fast, aggressive approach didn’t give the sheep time to do anything but run away. At just twelve weeks, he’ll run at a small flock of sheep, barking and trying to bite them. The same happened with our own sheep the next day!

It’s really far too early to form any sensible opinon. Poor Red’s only been here a couple of days but he definitely seems to have what we we’re looking for in a sheepdog puppy. He’s very determined indeed and if anything, a little too aggressive with sheep for our liking. We’re sure that will moderate as he gets older and more relaxed.

Mossie’s work

Border Collie puppy working sheep

Suffice to say that since she was 14 weeks old, Mossie has made it her duty to sneak away and bring the sheep to us!

This is not something we recommend for a dog so young, and in fact we have now taught her not to do it, but as a reward for this, she gets regular sessions where she can work the sheep in a controlled situation. It’s very important to ensure the sheep do not frighten a puppy, so great care is required when introducing a puppy to sheep.

Mossie’s just five and a half months old now and although she’s very confident with sheep, she’ll stop on command and flank both ways freely.

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