Kelpie v Collie (12) Red’s Gone Back to Wales!

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Sorry – no more Kelpies for us!

Kelpie Red enjoying the heavy frost

Through no fault of his own, we’ve returned Red to his breeder in Mid Wales. We love the dog and will miss him, but dogs are our living and training Red has proved time consuming and frustrating.

Red’s breeder was very happy to have him back and we’re sure it’s the best option under the circumstances.

There are an awful lot of Kelpie enthusiasts around, and I know it’s probably unwise to judge the breed from one dog but I can’t help feeling I shall never have another Kelpie. Red was a delight to have around. His enthusiasm and seemingly boundless energy lifted our hearts on many an occasion, but his attitude to sheep was (for us) very disappointing.

It would have been more sensible to research the breed a lot more than we did before taking Red on as a trainee sheepdog. Since we bought Red, we have seen a great many videos of Kelpies working – both at farm and national trial level – and in my opinion, only one dog has appeared comparable to an above average collie, and that’s Orjagarden’s Snake.

Sadly, Red’s concentration on his work was very limited.

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