Meet Our New Kelpie – Will

Llwyfen (UK) William – Red & Tan Male Kelpie

Will’s the first of our new Kelpies. We collected him today from his home in Brecon, South Wales.

Close up photo of Kelpie Will looking at the camera

For some time now, we’ve wanted to include Kelpies in our sheepdog training tutorials and DVDs so we’re especially pleased to introduce Will. At seven months of age, we’re hoping Will might be ready to start his training – as soon as the ground is dry enough.

Will has a lovely temperament. He walks beautifully on a lead and is very keen to work, but time will tell whether he’s mature enough. If he isn’t ready, there’s no rush (but it would be nice to get started soon).

Young Kelpie sheep and cattle dog, Will
Moments after he arrived, Will’s quietly looking around, no doubt wondering what happened.

For those interested in his breeding, I have to say, the Stud book certificate that came with him isn’t very clear to the uninitiated, but here goes:

  • Llwyfen William – Born 16/6/2015
  • SIRE: Clan Drover 55777 CL32E
    (Clan Rusty X Clan Acorn Gold)
  • DAM: Elidyr (UK) Firefly A3F 1561607 WRD
    (Lyndhurst (UK) Shep X S/B (UK) Jill Roberts A3F-12028-00).
    If anyone understands the numbers and why there appears to be no name for the dam’s mother, please enlighten us!

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