Not just a lovely sheepdog puppy

Starting puppies and young dogs on sheep cattle and other livestock

Black and white border collie sheepdog puppy - rough coated, mostly black with white chest, nose and feet.
A puppy from Audrey’s litter that we’re keeping back to train as a sheep or cattle dog

This is one of the (as yet unnamed) border collie pups from Audrey’s litter that we’re keeping to train as a working stock dog.

At just over eight weeks, two of the litter are already chasing sheep, whenever they get the chance.

We like to start pups off young, but if you do this, you must make certain the sheep or cattle do not frighten the puppies in any way, because this could damage their confidence permanently.

There’s a lot more information about starting young dogs and puppies on sheep and other stock, in our Sheepdog Training Tutorials.

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