Oh BUOY this is fun! – dogs enjoying the mild winter weather

Our sheepdogs and puppies enjoy playing with a buoy
(Left to right) Eli shows some of his puppies how to tackle a buoy on a rope. (Click to enlarge image).

Last winter, we were lucky to get some wonderful snow and freezing frost scenes while we were filming our latest Border Collie DVD (Border Collie Sheepdogs and Friends - Still Off Duty) but I much prefer milder weather, so this winter has been something of a relief to me. The dogs don't seem to mind what the weather's doing - they enjoy themselves to the full anyway. The picture is of our stud dog Eli (pronounced "Eee-lie") demonstrating his footballing skills with a buoy we keep on a rope out in the field for the dogs to play with.

Little Badger has a firm grip on the rope and is obviously giving Eli all the backup she can while 'Aunty' Carew,who is a good eight months older than Badger, looks on from behind.

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  1. Eli:”The rabbit comes outta the hole, around the tree and back into the hole.” Badger: “Wait! Are you tying a Spanish Bowline or a Portuguese Bowline?” Carew:”Lemme guess. JAWS was on again last night.”

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