Oh – NO ! (Puppies again)!

When border collie puppies are first born, they’re just like little grubs. This picture is of a one day old sheepdog puppy

A tiny border collie puppy with tricolour markings, just one day after being born
Tricolour border collie sheepdog puppy – just 24 hours old

Harmless, aren’t they?

Don’t you believe it.

Before you know it these sweet little grubs are big as chihuahuas – and they don’t seem to be able to take “no” for an answer. I hate border collie puppies.

Why can’t we have some chihuahua pups instead? If you really must know more about border collie puppies, you’d better go here.


  1. Hi Alfie, Have you got your bed back ?

    How are those pups are their eyes open yet?

    Is the field drying out, Tess wants to come and play with the sheep again.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      No, I can only use my bed at night. During the daytime we have to keep the door closed otherwise Glen goes in there all the time.

      The two puppies are doing very well. In fact I think they’re doing too well. I’m always being told I’m too fat, but those puppies are huge and everybody thinks it’s wonderful. It’s totally unfair.

      Andy has started shouting at the dogs in the field again, so I think he’s training. I know he’s making appointments for people to bring their dogs for training, so now might be a good time to contact him if you’d like to bring Tess again.

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