1. I just posted your video trailer about your border collies on our dog blog: A Dog’s Eye View. http://dogblog.inet-success.com

    What a wonderful group of dogs you have. Our dog Maggie is a mix breed, border collie/heeler and maybe even part greyhound. We adopted her from a rescue shelter here in Idaho, USA. I can certainly see her herding instinct kick in when she goes in the back yard, but we don’t have any sheep, just squirrels. I think she protects our yard from the wicked things.

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, Julie. I meant to thank you for your kind comments about our dogs – and for posting the video on ‘A dog’s Eye View’.

      We’ve now revitalised our blog and it’s finally working (more or less) properly on our website.

      I hope Maggie’s still protecting your yard from the squirrels!

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