One of our ‘New Boys’ – Brad

Young border collie sheepdog - Brad
Brad during one of his more restful moments

Apologies for being away from the blog for a while. We've been hard at work shooting our new Sheepdog Training DVD which we are hoping to release before christmas 2011. We'll try to keep you posted more regularly in future.

Click here to get details and watch a preview of our current DVD - First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training.

This is a picture of Brad. He's a pup (born 10th March 2011) from Mel and Eli. Anyone who knows me will be aware that Mel is the best sheepdog in the world - and Brad's from her last litter. We have kept four of the pups back so that we can really get to know them before we decide which of them we'll keep permanently.

Brad is very much a front runner. He doesn't show any interest in sheep at the moment (it's very early yet) but he's a great character and we're really fond of him.

Brad has a brother called Ezra and two sisters - Carew and Io. We'll post pictures and details of the other pups very soon.

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