Our First Working Kelpie – RED!

Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age.
Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age.

For some months now, we've wanted to train a Kelpie. They're very popular in Australia of course, but you don't see them winning sheepdog trials here in the UK - at least, not to my knowledge.

We're fascinated to find out more about training a working Kelpie sheepdog, so we looked around for some good working lines, and took the plunge.

The result is Red ! At just 12 weeks, Red shows every sign of being a keen, brave young dog, so it looks as though we have just the material we're looking for to train a Kelpie to work sheep.

You can find out how we got along with Kelpie Red's training by following the Kelpie vs Collie training blog.

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