Our Pearl – lovely sheepdog – great mum

A small tribute to a wonderful dog – PEARL – 258969.

A close-up portrait of Pearl

Pearl was born on the 8th February 2002 and died in 2018. She was the daughter of Ben 220939 (A D Scrimgeour) and Tillymauld Nell 241682 (T R Lawrenson)

As well as producing excellent sheepdogs and cattle dogs, Pearl’s pups do extremely well in all other canine sports and activities.

Not content with producing some of the very top Agility dogs in the UK, Pearl’s pups have excelled in other activities such as Obedience and Working Trials.

Several of Pearl’s pups are trained Search and Rescue Dogs and one even goes out on Lifeboat rescue missions!


  1. Pearl will be celebrating her 12th birthday on Saturday 8th February.

    For her age, she is truly amazing! Not only does she still look incredible for her age but she still bounces around like a puppy on walks and loves to play ball. She keeps our youngster Charlie on his toes too. The two of them get on incredibly well together.

    Please join us in wishing Pearl a happy 12th birthday this coming Saturday. In our eyes, Pearl is truly the Best Dog in the World!

    Sharon and Dino Nola

    1. That’s great news about “birthday girl” Pearl, Sharon. As you know she was one of our favourites when she was here – it’s great to know she’s now enjoying her retirement with you and Dino. Best wishes, to Charlie too!

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