Pic of the day – Bronwen

Bronwen – what’s in a name?

border collie sheepdog, Bronwen
Pure Bronwen – if you see what I mean

I’d be the first to admit that, when it comes to naming dogs, I try to avoid the traditional sheepdog names. There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that I prefer something that seems to describe the dog or its personality, if at all possible.

If the dog “tells” me a name, so much the better. Hence we’ve had a Cabbage, a Squiffy, a Lupin and a Brio at various times, and all suited them particularly well.

So I really can’t explain how the name “Bronwen” came to me. Today I found out that it means “Dark, and pure-hearted”.

Dark, yes, but pure-hearted? Surely NOT Bronwen! I wonder what Scylla would say to that!

And yes, I know Scylla is a sea monster. Your point is…?

A very wet and muddy border collie puppy
“Who are you calling ‘Monster’?”

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