Pic of the day: Take a look at Lottie!

Another new dog dialect in the pack

But unlike the Kelpies, Lottie’s fitted in immediately.

Young Bearded Collie sheepdog

Despite some very traditional Border collie markings, Lottie is a Bearded collie (known as a Beardie).

She’s only 7 months old (so perhaps she hasn’t grown her full beard yet) but Lottie’s eager to work sheep, so we thought it would be interesting to add Lottie’s training to our online tutorials. She’s a lovely dog with a kind expression and lots of character.

I’ve heard that a Beardie owner needs a sense of humour. Lottie’s innocent bumbling and bounding around the field, chasing and evading the other dogs, has certainly made us smile since she arrived on Sunday (17th).

William, from the back of the pack, was keen to explain the existing hierarchy as he saw it, but Lottie (just like the Border collies) either doesn’t speak Kelpie or simply isn’t interested.

Lottie intends to join the Strictly Collies Only gang.

Close up view of the head of a Bearded collie sheepdog

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