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Enjoy a collection of photos of our Border Collie and Kelpie sheepdogs over the years. Click a thumbnail to see all the pictures on that page!

Photo of herding sheepdog Mo looking towards the camera. Behind her are two lambs.

“They’re Behind You”!

Little Mo doesn’t realise the lambs are behind her! Two years ago today we were helping Ian and Ruth Morris to gather sheep at Middle … Read More
Dulcie showing patience when walking up on some sheep

A Fine Sheep and Cattle Dog in the Making

Introducing Dulcie – daughter of Bronwen – granddaughter of Mel Dulcie’s sheep control is excellent The latest addition to our team of working dogs is … Read More
Photo of three herding sheepdogs walking up on a group of sheep

A Surprise Turnout to Move a Few Sheep!

Scylla and Ezra join Kay’s fun! We only have five acres of land here (about two hectares) and at the moment there are just twelve … Read More
Sheepdogs herding a flock of reluctant ewes and lambs

A Vast Improvement in Kay’s Confidence

The picture speaks volumes! With new-found confidence, Kay’s standing up to stubborn sheep We had another early start this morning as there were two lots … Read More
Closeup photo of Dot looking out over the Welsh mountains of Corwen

Andy’s First Dog, Dot

Fifteen years ago today. This is little Dot, the herding dog that changed my life! After a turbulent start, Dot went on to become an … Read More
Lovely close up photo of the big sheepdog, Ezra looking to his right as he shelters from the rain under a tree

Big Fella in the Rain!

Ezra looking the part as he shelters from the rain Out with the dogs a few days ago, Gill and I took shelter under our … Read More
Non-working collie dog for sale

Border collie for an active pet home

CLOVIS – bred for work, but bored by sheep!Clovis is SOLD Clovis has a calm temperament, but loves to be in on the action Clovis … Read More
Three five month old puppies leaping as they play very hard in the field

Border Collie Puppies Like to Play Hard!

They’re the best of friends really! Despite appearances, Hattie (with her back to the camera) Jago and Hector (right) are great friends really. It’s just … Read More
Close up photo of a very pretty black, white, tan and merle border collie with pricked ears (and her tongue out).

Border Collie Sheepdogs Come in Assorted Colours!

We love coloured dogs and we’ve had a few over the years! Yesterday’s post about so-called mis-marked puppies sparked a lot of response, mostly on … Read More
Border collie sheepdogs Bronwen and Odo

Bronwen – play nicely with your brother!

Bronwen with her “little” brother Odo. Bronwen (looking predatory, on the right) would really like to take possession of the dog disc, but she knows … Read More
Herding sheepdog Bronwen looks over the side of the pen at the sheep

Bronwen Excels in the Sorting Pen

“All my own work” – Bronwen proved exceptionally efficient when we were sorting lambs for market at Dean Farm this morning We arrived at the … Read More
Close up of a very wet and muddy sheepdog, Bronwen

Bronwen excels under pressure at Dean Farm

Working with sheep today was wet and extremely muddy, but Kay and Bronwen got the work done in style We had a very busy day … Read More
Herding Sheepdogs Bronwen and Kay behind the sheep in the handling yard

Bronwen Rises to Kay’s Challenge

Not to be outdone by Kay’s improved performance yesterday, Bronwen took charge of today’s gather and was outstanding Until now I’ve left the bulk of … Read More
When challenged, Bronwen reacted quickly and decisively. Here she bites the nose of a challenging ewe

Bronwen’s baptism of fire

As we announce our latest sheepdog training tutorial, Bronwen faces a stiff challenge in the shearing pens Yesterday, we released our latest sheepdog training tutorial, … Read More
Lovely portrait photo of Kay in the snow

Cammen Kay – our unsung hero?

Quietly in the background, with no fuss or bluster, we didn’t always give Kay her due! When we bought Kay, at about one year old, … Read More
Close up of Fay (and Kay) splashing about in the pond on a hot day

Cooling off in the pond on a hot day!

Puppy Faye and the dogs don’t like it too hot Three years ago today, the weather was unexpectedly hot – just as it is in … Read More




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