Pouding aux pommes avec crème

Pomme’s been in the cream pot!

Puppy Pomme with cream all around her face

“What’s everyone looking at?”

Having a dog, or a puppy or two, living in the porch by the kitchen means less wasted food and fewer walks to the bin or the compost heap. FOUR puppies can recycle an awful lot of carrot peelings and bread crusts, and will entertain themselves for hours with a cardboard box, or an empty plastic milk bottle (with, or without, a few dried peas).

I don’t adhere to “Use By” or “Best Before” dates on food (particularly on honey. If archaeologists have found perfectly good 2,000 year old honey in Egyptian tombs I feel justified in ignoring the advisory date on a honey jar) but rely on my own senses to decide whether or not something’s still edible.

However, when I found a forgotten carton of double cream pushed to the back of the ‘fridge, and well on its way to soft cheese, I decided the puppies were in for a treat (they have no patience with “Use By” dates either – luckily).

Gathering the puppies around me, (well, not so much “me” gathering as “them” ambushing) I divided the cream between four small dishes. Three puppies were leaping around my legs, getting very excited, but Pomme, who’s showing herself to be the thinker of the bunch (for better or worse) watched the spoon going into and coming out of the cream carton. She obviously figured that if the cream was coming out of the carton, there must be lots in there.

Four border collie pups looking through mesh together

Oh please…we promise not to do it again…whatever it was!

Calling the puppies with me, I carried the four dishes to the end of the lawn and spread them out, to avoid squabbling. But there were only three puppies.

Looking back to the porch I was just in time to see Pomme, with one back foot resting on the wellington boot that had previously taken her attention, the other back foot flailing wildly in the air, and her front claws clinging to the very edge of the shelf. The very tip of her nose just managed to push the cream carton, and her prize fell to floor just an instant before she did.

No matter. With a triumphant “yip” (short for “Yippee”?) she carried it off to the puppy bed to enjoy in peace.

Pomme probably doesn’t realise that her brother, Lincoln, and sisters Dash and Fifi ate far more cream than she did, but I doubt they had her sense of achievement!

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