Puppy training continues despite the weather

Sheepdog Kay feeding two of her own puppies, as well as five from another litter.

Kay takes the training of her pups very seriously

Puppy looking worried at it's mother is ready to play
Gretchen has good reason to look worried. Kay’s about to pounce on her as part of her training programme!

We only have two puppies (Gretchen and Hayley) left from Eli and Kay’s recent litter so Kay seems to have taken on Audrey’s litter as well as her own. Audrey’s pups are four weeks younger than Gretchen and Hayley, but Kay’s happy to feed them (when she’s in the maternal mood).

Audrey doesn’t have much to do with her five any more. She’s been a great mother, but now that the pups are able to look after themselves, Audrey’s happy to get back to her duties, being one of the top dogs in the “pack”.

Pack life has never been Kay’s main interest, but she’s a stickler for training her puppies – something that Gretchen has become all too aware of. The pups take it all in their stride though. Occasionally, if we feel one of the mothers is being too rough with her puppy, we’ll intervene, only to see the pup go chasing after its mum, clearly wanting more attention.

Female border collie play-fighting with her puppy.
Kay takes the training of her puppies very seriously. Here Gretchen is the recipient of some disciplinary action!


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