Rain Rain Stay For Days – we need it so desperately

I know I’ve been banging on about the drought for months now, but the water table where we are is desperately low. We’ve had the driest eighteen months since records began – and that’s pretty dry!

A group of our sheepdogs play in the puddles on the bridleway
The dogs thought their run in the heavy rain was great fun on this morning’s run. (Click to enlarge).

Thankfully, the past week or so has been wetter than normal for April in the UK, and I know the rain was heavy last night, because it woke me up!

It was heartening to see surface water in all the old places when we got up – there was even a small ‘lake’ outside the field gate – something that only happens when we get some ‘proper’ rain.

Sadly though, this is nowhere near enough to bring the water table back to something like normal, but as the saying goes, it kicks the can down the road a little.

A large sheepdog plays in an equally large puddle from the overnight storm.
‘Big Ezra’ enjoys himself in one of the puddles from the recent storms. (Click to enlarge).

When I took the dogs out for their morning run, there was great excitement. Some of the puppies had barely seen rain before and by the way they charged around barking excitedly, you’d think it was the first time some of the older ones had seen it too.

I managed to get some photos without getting my camera too wet, but by the time we got home about an hour later, the dogs looked like thoroughly wet rags. They were absolutely soaked to the skin,  but still in very high spirits.

As luck would have it, the rain stopped just long enough for Gill and I to put the dogs away and feed them – that was an added bonus! The dogs will probably be dry again by the time they go out for their evening run – I suspect they’re in for another drenching – (I certainly hope so).

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