Rain stopped sheepdog training – but not play!

This seemingly unending spell of extreme wet weather has brought all sheepdog training to a standstill here for the time being.

Muddy sheepdogs Carew and Kay sit on a fallen tree and are being watched from below by Meg
Muddy sheepdogs, Carew and Kay, relax on a fallen trunk, while Meg looks up at them from the ground below

Our poor training field has not quite been reduced to a mud bath, but it’s close. The grass you see in the picture looks quite good, but in fact, it’s in a small area that we’ve fenced off in an effort to preserve the grass for when the ground improves and we can start training again.

We’re feeding the sheep, because they’ve eaten the grass, and of course, it’s barely growing at all at this time of year, so the extremely wet ground is so soft that even dogs running around on it, causes damage.

The upside is that the dog’s don’t seem to mind at all. The three dogs in the picture couldn’t get much wetter, could they?

We hate putting saturated dogs away in their outdoor pens but they’re oblivious to it, thank goodness.

Another positive effect of the wet weather is that we’re able to spend more time working on the
sheepdog training tutorials. There’s another one in the ‘pipeline’ and more to come soon after that, so keep coming back to the SheepDogBlog for the latest news.

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