Rain almost stops work, but never play!

Training on hold due to wet weather?   We've cracked it!

The last month of rain has taken its toll on the sheep grazing
Walking's no fun on ground like this, and training's worse. Sudden stops and sharp turns are definitely out!

Training our own dogs is pretty much at a standstill at the moment, in an effort to preserve the training field for the training classes, but even so, this morning we came very close to cancelling Saturday's class.

Having managed to sleep through the rain last night we were unprepared for the amount of water we found lying across the field.

A hurdle ring is ideal for containing the sheep when you start training a young dog
Our Training Egg-Timer - really useful for training young dogs if you have the space (and the hurdles)

Instead of cancelling, we've extended the training ring into a training egg-timer. (Let's hope the ground doesn't get poached, or it could be a scramble?)

We've used this design for training before - it gives you, in effect, two training rings with the addition of a long "walk" down the middle - and we're hoping it'll mean that most of the trainee dogs will have sufficient scope to work within the rings, rather than working in the larger, much wetter, field.

Ride-on 4x4 lawn mower for field work, moving hurdles.
Boys' Toys - Andy's grandson, George, has a bike and trailer that he loves. I think it's in the genes...

Walking in the field is becoming a real effort and, having previously insisted that we don't really need a 4X4, we now find that the only vehicle we can use in the field is our trusty Husqvarna 4X4 lawn mower with its trailer (which Andy modified with some much stronger, wider wheels).

I happen to know that Andy's always wanted a tractor...

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