Remember our “Stolen” Kelpie Puppy?

Dramatic photo of a Kelpie Sheep and Cattle dog running towards the camera

After a dramatic start to his early life, Kelpie Tucker’s doing really well

Picture of the puppies which were stolen from Clunton in Shropshire (January 2016)
Five of the seven stolen kelpies. Can you tell which one’s Tucker?

Our regular readers will remember the high drama back in January of this year, when a Kelpie puppy we had ordered was stolen during the week before we were due to collect him.

Fortunately, thanks to immediate and very successful Facebook and Twitter sharing campaigns, little Tucker and his seven litter mates were quickly found and returned safely to their breeder and we were delighted to be able to collect our little chap, completely unharmed.

Young Kelpie being trained to herd sheep in a training ring

We’re pleased to tell you that Tucker settled in very well and as well as developing into a really handsome dog, he’s become a live wire in our pack. He’s generally very obedient (well, for his age he’s pretty good) and we’re very fond of him.

Tucker’s work with sheep is improving quickly too. He’s already featured in our Sheep and Cattle Dog Training Tutorials and we’re confident that as his experience grows, he’ll become a regular feature in them. His sheep control is good, but as is common with Kelpies, he can be noisy at times!


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