Security alert at Kings Green Farm

With things the way they are these days, you can’t be too security conscious

Two dogs on the bonnet of a car in frosty weather
When Midge (left) and Ezra are around, it’s perhaps, not such a good idea to park your car in our yard. (Click to enlarge).

Security is the buzz-word in these modern times, so if you come to one of our sheepdog training courses, be sure to park where we tell you to, otherwise Midge and Ezra might take it upon themselves to check your car out.

A couple of days ago, I brought our old Peugeot 406 into the yard and the pair immediately recognised it as a security risk and gave it the ‘once-over’. Ezra was first on the case, but his half sister, Midge quickly realised he needed backup. She quickly covered the bonnet area, while Ezra ‘sussed-out’ the roof!

They repeated the operation this morning but it wasn’t easy because the car was covered in ice. Undaunted, Ezra scrabbled and scrambled until the task was complete. (Anybody know the number for Autoglass)?


  1. Top dogs doing top jobs ! Best dogs around are the border collies. Full of cheek and full of spirit and terribly misunderstood. My Buddy border collie dog is smart, loyal, inventive and has mum wrapped round his finger !

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