Sheepdog commands

A lamb hangs back as the dog gathers the sheep can mean there's something wrong with the lamb
Dave brings the errant ewes and lambs out of the field but one of the lambs is already hanging back. (Click to enlarge).

You can’t teach your sheepdog something you don’t know!

It’s not difficult to learn the commands you need to train a sheepdog, but it is VERY important.

“Come-Bye” is Clockwise; “Away” is Anti-clockwise. What could be simpler?

Most, probably all, beginners to sheepdog training will sometimes get the commands the wrong way round (I know we did) but it can be very confusing for your dog!

The Learn Your Commands tutorial will help you learn the commands, and apply them correctly – even in the heat of moment. Watch the Training Short, Learn Your Commands, from the online tutorials library.

You’ll also find a list of traditional sheepdog commands on the website.

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