Sheepdog training as usual on Saturday and Wednesday

The weather forecast isn’t great, but the training field has dried out a little since Andy’s panic last week

A training group of handlers and their dogs at a Kings Green Farm training day
We can’t promise weather like this, but Saturday’s course will go ahead

We’re confident the group sheepdog training days on Saturday and next Wednesday, will go ahead as planned.

I imagine we’ll all get soaked, and be extremely cold, but I doubt the dogs will worry about it and the sheep will have other things on their minds, of course.

One thing is for certain – the sheep are going to be lively. Because of the extremely wet conditions, we’ve done very little sheepdog training since November, and because the sheep are being fed now, they’re pretty sprightly, to say the least. Saturday’s sheepdog training course looks like being a lot of fun for all concerned!

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