Sheepdog Training Courses Cancelled

Close-up of a young border collie sheepdog looking between the rails of a wooden fence

The continuous heavy rain has finally beaten us!

Large group of very wet border collie sheepdogs on a bridleway
The may be wet and bedraggled but the dog’s spirits are as high as ever.

Regrettably, we’ve had to succumb to the inevitable and cancel both of February’s scheduled training days. The place is a mud-bath and the forecast shows no sign of a let-up.

Although we’d managed to preserve a usable training ground until now, the heavy rain of last night and this morning have finally put paid to any plans of having a safe area to hold classes, or any area that will be solid enough for parking vehicles (with much hope of getting them off again). There are also, of course, occasional issues with access due to flash flooding, and that’s quite apart from any problems you may already be experiencing closer to home.

Carew and Ezra drinking from a flooded patch of grass
Carew and Ezra see no problem whatever when the grassland becomes flooded.

We’ve resisted cancelling the classes for as long as we could. We know that many people have to go to considerable trouble to arrange holiday, or child and/or animal care to, take a day out for dog training, but we also felt that the sooner you were aware of any cancellation, the easier it might be for you.

For those affected, Monday February 17th’s course will be moved to Monday March 24th but if this is not convenient, please contact us for alternatives. Apologies again for the inconvenience, and we really hope we’ll see you next month.

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