Sheepdog Training FAQ

A collection of frequently asked questions about sheepdog and cattle dog training

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Advanced training

A trainee sheepdog bringing a small group of sheep
QUESTION: How do you go from training a dog to collect six dogged sheep, to collecting a hundred or more flighty sheep, scattered around in a field? ANSWER: In a word, gradually!Good training should progress at a rate the student …
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A dog leaping up at a young heifer's face to bite it
QUESTION: My dog works cattle quite well, but dives in and grips their legs for no apparent reason. How can I calm him down and stop him gripping cattle when they’re moving OK? ANSWER: The first thing is to try …
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Photo of a Kelpie dog running around a flock of sheep
QUESTION: My dogs killed a sheep today. I don’t want to have the dogs destroyed, they are working Kelpie X Collie dogs which we want to train on sheep and cattle. What can I do? ANSWER: I’m sorry to hear …
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Photo of a working sheepdog very close to some sheep which are trapped in a pen
QUESTION: My dog has become very ‘sticky’ and recently started biting the faces of the sheep, instead of responding to my commands what should I do? ANSWER: Being sticky (staring at the sheep and not responding to commands) and biting …
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Photo of an excited dog jumping up and down at the prospect of getting to the sheep
QUESTION: How can I stop my dog barking when I take him somewhere new, where there are sheep? ANSWER: Basically, there are two reasons why dogs bark: 1. ALARM – if they suspect an intruder or danger of some sort …
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picture of a car driving down a country lane, being chased by a sheepdog
QUESTION: How can I stop my dog chasing cars tractors, motorcycles, cyclists, lawnmowers and anything that moves? ANSWER: Chasing cars and other vehicles is a big problem for some dog owners. It can be extremely dangerous, both for the dog, …
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photo showing the dog with its tail in the air as it's led into the training ring
QUESTION: I keep hearing people talk about the position of the dog’s tail when it’s working sheep. What do they mean? ANSWER: When dogs are relaxed, they hold their tails in a normal downward position but when they are nervous …
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Photo of a group of sheep in the late evening sun with a sheepdog in the background
QUESTION: Why do some sheep run away as the dog approaches, while others stand their ground? ANSWER: There are many reasons for sheep to run away from dogs but, primarily, sheep instinctively see dogs as predators. Dogs are descended from …
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Photo of a dog jumping out of a sheepdog training pen to get away from the sheep
QUESTION: I’m hoping to train my seven month old dog to work sheep and cattle but when I took him to sheep for the first time, he ran away! ANSWER: My first reaction to your comment was to ask myself …
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Two border collie sheepdogs driving sheep along a farm track
QUESTION: How can I call my dog away when he’s working in the ring or in a yard? ANSWER: It’s natural for the trainee dog to want to keep working. Being confined in a training ring or yard creates a …
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Photo of a sheepdog at work
QUESTION: My dog is generally working well but when I send her on an outrun to gather the sheep, she goes out too far. How can I stop my dog going too wide? ANSWER: Going too wide is certainly one …
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Photo of a young trainee sheepdog lying down, glaring at sheep
QUESTION: I’m trying to put the sheep into a yard but my dog stops them from going in. How can I get my dog to put the sheep right in? ANSWER: This problem is more common than you would think …
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Photo of a sheepdog herding sheep into a paddock
QUESTION: “How can I make my dog go both ways around the sheep? She stops reasonably well, but insists on going anticlockwise all the time”. WHY THIS HAPPENS: In a similar way to humans, a great many dogs are left …
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Photo of a trainee sheepdog which has separated a bunch of sheep
QUESTION: My dog likes to split the sheep up and bite them. I am having trouble getting her to go round them. Can you help? ANSWER: It’s perfectly normal for your dog to split the sheep up in the very …
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Graphic image showing the relative distance between dog, sheep, and handler
QUESTION: My dog’s doing lovely long outruns when I stand between her and the sheep, but how do I get her to do them from by my side? ANSWER: The reason for standing between the dog and the sheep when …
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The top of the outrun
QUESTION: Should my trainee sheepdog stop at the top of its outrun without a command from me? ANSWER: It’s nice to think the young dog will stop at the top of its outrun without a command, and indeed, it sometimes …
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Help for inexperienced handler or trainer (FAQ)
QUESTION: I purchased a fully trained sheepdog but I have never worked a dog on livestock before. Do your videos cover how to start off with a trained dog? ANSWER: Sometimes people buy a trained dog in the hope that …
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Close up picture of a dog close behind a sheep.
QUESTION: We have an eight year old border collie and now live on a smallholding where we will soon get our first flock of sheep. Will it be possible to train the dog to work sheep? ANSWER: In theory, you …
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Photo of a man holding a sheepdog, using a rope for a lead
QUESTION: Is it OK to walk my dog around the sheep every day? He’s not ready to work them yet but I want him to get used to being near them. ANSWER: Familiarising the dog with sheep or cattle would …
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Photo of a puppy gazing at sheep through a fence
QUESTION: I have a young Border Collie puppy which I want to use for herding our sheep. How can I tell if he’s interested in working? ANSWER: If one or more of your pup’s parents works sheep or other livestock, …
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How to slow your dog down! Photo of sheepdog Ezra, too close and too fast around sheep
QUESTION: My dog works too fast around stock. How can I slow it down? ANSWER: Dogs get excited by many things, not least being near to sheep or cattle. In its excitement the dog runs faster because speed makes it …
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Close-up photo of border collie sheepdog Quinn
QUESTION: I know most people have the opposite problem, but how can I get my dog to go faster when it’s working? ANSWER: You’re right. Most trainers struggle to slow their dogs down, but if you have good control of …
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Close-up photo of Trainee Sheepdog Portia for our 'stop shouting at my dog' blog
QUESTION: My dog ignores my commands unless I yell at it. How can I stop shouting at my dog? ANSWER: It’s important to try to work your dog quietly whenever possible. Once it will obey commands given in your normal …
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Sheepdog trainer working close to the dog
QUESTION: My dog is very enthusiastic and eager to work but she’s a bit timid and runs away from aggressive sheep. Are we spoiling her by keeping her in the house? ANSWER: Living in the house shouldn’t affect the dog’s …
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At what age should my dog retire? Kay worked into her old age
QUESTION: My working sheepdog it getting older and slower now. At what age should he retire? ANSWER: There is no set age for a dog to retire, some keep on working to a very old age, and others retire quite …
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Working breeds

Huntaway dog herding a bunch of sheep towards some farm buildings
QUESTION: I’m getting a Huntaway to work my sheep and cattle but I can’t find any Huntaway or Blue Heeler specific training on the internet. Are they the same as Border Collies? ANSWER: The basics such as general dog behaviour …
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