Sheepdog training programme

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Wondering what to teach your sheepdog, and when?

The “What Shall I Do Next?” tutorial gives a logical order of training to build on your dog’s skills.

We explain how everything in sheepdog training progresses from small beginnings, from getting the foundations right, and then widening the dog’s experience and honing its skills through practise.

The tutorial will show you that there are important things to teach your sheepdog puppy before you make any contact with the sheep, such as developing a strong bond, a good recall and secure stay.

Early lessons with the sheep will concentrate on getting your dog to go around the sheep, and to keep them close to you (rather than chasing them away) and this will form the basis of developing an outrun and gather.

To borrow an old horse training maxim, “Make haste slowly”, but don’t be afraid to introduce something new and tricky from time to time, to maintain the dog’s interest and excitement.

Watch “What Shall I Do Next?” from the online tutorials library. Our sheep and herding dog tutorials are the only videos we know of that deliberately show you training sessions and situations that go WRONG as well as right.

We’ll prepare you for sheepdog training on your own by showing you what to expect, and how to make the best of it.

New subscribers can sign up for training tutorials for only £4.50 per month (£45 per year) or subscribe to the Working Sheepdog website list and watch our FREE SAMPLE tutorial “Tess in the Open Field”.

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