Sheepdog Training Tutorial – The Sheepdog Whistle (01)


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We’ve just added our latest Sheepdog Training Tutorial
Basic Sheepdog Training – Sheepdog Whistle (Part 1).

Cover image of our sheepdog whistle tutorial, showing a typical whistle, and the title

Although we planned to bring out the Driving (part 3) tutorial after Driving part 2, the number of enquiries we’ve had about mastering the sheepdog whistle, prompted us to re-edit the whistles chapter of our
First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training DVD and upload that.

The sheepdog whistle is an invaluable asset to any serious sheepdog trainer, farmer or shepherd. It enables you to clearly give commands to the dog over great distances, when the human voice would be inaudible.

Unfortunately, the sheepdog whistle can be a tricky gadget to master, and many people give up with it. This is a shame, because once you understand how to hold the whistle in your mouth, a little practice soon produces good results.

In this video, you will see clearly, just how to blow a sheepdog whistle. There are examples of whistle commands, and as soon as time allows, we’ll add more to this tutorial, including introducing dogs to whistle commands.

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  1. I live in Mexico city and I have an adopted Border Collie from the local agency as legal guardian for Kayla’s life. she has come from a very sad and stressful life. I have been around dogs since I was three (now retired). I have a small forest area next to us Kayla loves to go and explore. right now I cannot let her go she is 3 years and wants to run and play and play. That is why the whistle, I know she will not go too far. What I am afraid of there are some nasty stray dogs that will attack her. I also have a big walking stick. I have bought acme (2) 575 whistles. I am not going to do sheep herding I am going to play games with her similar to sheep herding so she can keep stimulated and very sharp. Then onto agility training. Thank you for your video alaln

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