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  • FAQ – Sticky dog biting sheep’s faces

    Photo of a working sheepdog very close to some sheep which are trapped in a pen

    QUESTION: My dog has become very ‘sticky’ and recently started biting the faces of the sheep, instead of responding to my commands what should I do? ANSWER: Being sticky (staring at the sheep and not responding to commands) and biting sheep, are both indications of a lack of confidence. If the dog has recently begun […]

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  • FAQ – Dog attacking cattle

    A dog leaping up at a young heifer's face to bite it

    QUESTION: My dog works cattle quite well, but dives in and grips their legs for no apparent reason. How can I calm him down and stop him gripping cattle when they’re moving OK? ANSWER: The first thing is to try giving just enough well-timed correction so that the dog doesn’t go in too hard – […]

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  • FAQ – My dog killed a sheep

    Photo of a Kelpie dog running around a flock of sheep

    QUESTION: My dogs killed a sheep today. I don’t want to have the dogs destroyed, they are working Kelpie X Collie dogs which we want to train on sheep and cattle. What can I do? ANSWER: I’m sorry to hear that your dogs have killed a ewe. I’m afraid this is what happens when people […]

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  • Featured tutorials – gripping the sheep

    Training a dog that grips can feel like a thankless task; it might seem that you take three steps forward in your training session only to start the next session two steps further back! It’s important to have faith in your dog and yourself, and concentrate on the small improvements you make.  We wouldn’t want […]

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  • New Tutorial: Training Max – the Gripper

    Max the sheepdog gripping (attacking) a sheep

    Here’s a way to save your sheep, your nerves, and possibly even your dog! Our Latest Tutorial   –   Training Max – the GRIPPER A dog with a persistent grip is no fun to train and, more importantly, can be a real danger to your sheep and a liability for your business. It’s a […]

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  • Happy sheepdog, happy shepherd & vice versa

    Smooth coated, but no smooth operator, Max is the focus of our next tutorial. In 2011 we bought a dog who’s since become famous (or infamous) in our household. We expected Max to be a problem, that was why we chose him, but he tested our resolve on more than one occasion! We know, from […]

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