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Tag: Bronwen & Scylla

  • Featured tutorials – Bronwen and Scylla

    A variety of smooth and rough coated border collies

    A tutorial series to demonstrate the differences in young dogs. You can be forgiven for expecting that littermates would be very similar in temperament and working style, but we chose two home-bred puppies, Bronwen and Scylla, to demonstrate that even littermates can be poles apart. While both girls developed into keen, useful working dogs – just like their […]

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  • New Tutorial: Bronwen and Scylla (Part 5)

    Training a herding dog inside a training ring

    Part 5 of a Training Comparison Between Litter SistersMONTHLY OR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED OUR LATEST TUTORIAL   –   Bronwen & Scylla, Part 5 In part five of our series comparing the training of litter sisters Bronwen and Scylla, we see the two facing the challenge of new, and “undogged” sheep. Some of the results […]

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