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Tag: Bronwen

  • Farewell to Bronwen (her talent was wasted here)!

    Extreme close up photo of a cheerful looking Bronwen

    Bronwen’s gone to a new home in Gloucestershire where she’ll have a much larger flock of sheep to look after Training and selling sheepdogs is all very well, but, when it comes to selling a dog that you’re very fond of, it can be an extremely difficult decision. For a long time we felt that […]

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  • Pic of the day – Catching up

    Red and tan Australian Kelpie sheepdog

    Life’s slowly returning to normal after a trying month There’s been a distinct lack of news here in recent weeks, due to our domestic ‘flu epidemic (if two makes an epidemic). Luckily we weren’t ill at the same time, but for some weeks we’ve been operating with a skeleton staff, first Andy and then me, […]

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  • Pics of the day: The morning run

    Blue merle border collie sheep dog puppy

    A random selection of sheepdogs, out and about If a fox were to carry a Frisbee, then it would look like this. I say “if”, but we’re pretty sure that foxes do carry the dog toys out of the field sometimes. We’ve found long-lost soft toys a couple of fields away – and extremely pungent! […]

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