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  • New Tutorial: How Can I Slow the Dog Down?

    Photo of a trainee Kelpie sheepdog splitting up a bunch of sheep

    Many people ask us how they can slow their dog down when it’s working It’s essential that the dog learns to work stock steadily. During training, a dog which is calm is likely to learn much quicker than a dog which is excitedly racing around. If sheep or other stock panic as a result of […]

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  • How to train a sheepdog to slow down

    Training a dog to herd sheep - giving the sheep plenty of space

    A dog working too fast and close, disrupts and stresses sheep and shepherd alike For maximum working efficiency and minimum stress to the sheep, the herding dog should work with a calm authority, keeping a good distance between itself and the sheep, but not so far off that it loses control of them. This topic […]

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