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Tag: Carew

  • Sometimes I Really Miss Carew!

    Sheepdog Carew standing on a tree stump - looking wonderful!

    Since Carew left here, Kay’s hearing has deteriorated badly, and occasionally we’re stuck for a skilled dog It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly two years since Carew left here and to be honest, there have been a few occasions when I’ve wished she was still here. One such occasion was only a week or […]

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  • All Safely Gathered in

    Photo of Kay (lying down on the left) and Carew (standing) keeping an eye on the sheep they have just put into some buildings

    Memories of Kay and Carew at Dean Farm on this day four years ago! Regular readers will know that we often gather sheep for our landlord John, at Dean Farm. This is a typical picture of Kay (left) and Carew keeping an eye on the sheep which they’ve just put safely into a building. Our […]

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  • Training your dog with cattle or ducks

    Border collie working with cattle

    “Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks” A new DVD for the Working Sheepdog Website Shop Not all border collies are needed to work sheep; we’ve had dogs attending our courses who were needed to work with cattle, alpacas, goats and turkeys. Although we don’t keep cattle ourselves, it was often useful to […]

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