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  • What’s Wrong With White Sheepdogs?

    A predominantly white border collie sheepdog working a small bunch of sheep

    Answer – NOTHING! (Well, almost nothing). A recent question from one of our members reminded us that white border collie sheepdog pups are not as popular as black and white, tricolour, red or other colours. That’s a pity – and there’s little or no justification for it, unless you’re a sheepdog trials competitor. If you […]

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  • Border Collie Sheepdogs Come in Assorted Colours!

    Close up photo of a very pretty black, white, tan and merle border collie with pricked ears (and her tongue out).

    We love coloured dogs and we’ve had a few over the years! Yesterday’s post about so-called mis-marked puppies sparked a lot of response, mostly on Facebook and Twitter. One of the questions we were asked was whether we train Merle or Red and White dogs. Yes, we’ve trained quite a number over the years, but […]

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