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  • Featured tutorial – Sticky Dogs!

    Featured tutorial – Sticky Dogs!

    It’s time to get moving if your dog has too much “eye”. To a greater or lesser degree, border collies use “eye” (a particularly intense and assertive stare) to move stock. In some dogs the look is very exaggerated while other dogs work with their heads up, and don’t appear to be using eye at […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Get off the Fence!

    Featured tutorial – Get off the Fence!

    When confronted with a dog, one of the few ways sheep have to defend themselves is to crowd together onto a fence, or in a corner. From this position they can turn to face the dog, and even just a few sheep can look very intimidating from the dog’s point of view! As a result, […]

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  • Featured tutorials – gripping the sheep

    Featured tutorials – gripping the sheep

    Training a dog that grips can feel like a thankless task; it might seem that you take three steps forward in your training session only to start the next session two steps further back! It’s important to have faith in your dog and yourself, and concentrate on the small improvements you make.  We wouldn’t want […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Working in a yard or pen

    As the photo shows, being close to the sheep in a confined space can be intimidating for any dog and, as usual, confidence is key. For help with this type of work, watch our Eve at the Pen tutorial. Watch Eve at the Pen for help with: A dog who circles the sheep after its outrun, instead of bringing […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Sometimes Nice is Not Enough

    Featured tutorial – Sometimes Nice is Not Enough

    It takes huge self-confidence for a dog to lie down in this situation, but even a cautious dog can learn to assert itself. Sheep are natural “runners” when they’re being hunted, but certain situations, such as when held in a pen, or protecting their lambs, can make a sheep turn and fight back. While sheep […]

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  • Too much eye? There’s a tutorial for that!

    Too much eye? There’s a tutorial for that!

    Watch the “Sticky Dogs” tutorial to get your dog moving Some years ago I kept my first training sheep in a small paddock behind a large country house. Sometimes the children of the house would come out to watch my efforts, and shout their approval from the sidelines. They also frequently dismantled my hurdle ring, […]

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  • Scary Place 2 (The Sequel)

    Kay shows her daughter Jet how to get sheep out of a Spooky Black Hole! Watch the VIDEO below! There was quite a strong response on social media when we posted a picture of a rather nervous looking Jet outside a dark hovel which was full of sheep. Jet was contemplating the task of going […]

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  • New Tutorial: Back to Forwards!

    New Tutorial: Back to Forwards!

    Once you can go backwards, turn around and go “Back to Forwards”! Don’t be confused by the title of our latest sheepdog training tutorial, “Back to Forwards” is the follow up to “ Backwards is the Way Forwards” which really should be one of our most popular videos because it teaches the herding dog so […]

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