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  • Featured tutorials – the Point of Balance

    Sheepdog with three sheep

    You’ve probably heard of the “point of balance”, but what exactly does it mean? You’ll often hear that the dog MUST stop at 12 o’clock. The theory is that if you imagine the handler is standing at 6 o’clock on a clock face, the dog should be directly opposite the handler (at 12 o’clock) on the […]

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  • FAQ – Stop the dog splitting the sheep!

    Photo of a trainee sheepdog which has separated a bunch of sheep

    QUESTION: My dog likes to split the sheep up and bite them. I am having trouble getting her to go round them. Can you help? ANSWER: It’s perfectly normal for your dog to split the sheep up in the very early stages of training. It shows she has the natural ability she needs to become […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Tess in the Open Field

    Maintaining control in the open field

    Maintaining control in the open field An over-excited and strong-willed Tess first appeared in our Starting a Strong Dog tutorial. By the time we filmed “Tess in the Open Field” she’d made great progress, and proved she was quite capable of working to a high standard, but Tess was still young and sheer novelty and enthusiasm made her inconsistent.  However, it […]

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  • Featured tutorial – the Point of Balance

    Cover photo of our video tutorial about the all important point of balance when training a sheepdog

    Everyone’s heard that the dog must balance the sheep, but what does it mean? You’ll often hear that the dog MUST stop at 12 o’clock. To understand where this is, you need to imagine that the handler is standing at 6 o’clock on a clock face with the dog directly opposite the handler (at 12 o’clock) on the […]

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  • New Tutorial: How Can I Slow the Dog Down?

    Photo of a trainee Kelpie sheepdog splitting up a bunch of sheep

    Many people ask us how they can slow their dog down when it’s working It’s essential that the dog learns to work stock steadily. During training, a dog which is calm is likely to learn much quicker than a dog which is excitedly racing around. If sheep or other stock panic as a result of […]

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  • How to train a sheepdog to slow down

    Training a dog to herd sheep - giving the sheep plenty of space

    A dog working too fast and close, disrupts and stresses sheep and shepherd alike For maximum working efficiency and minimum stress to the sheep, the herding dog should work with a calm authority, keeping a good distance between itself and the sheep, but not so far off that it loses control of them. This topic […]

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  • New Tutorial: Back to Forwards!

    Cover image for online sheepdog training tutorial: Back to Forwards

    Once you can go backwards, turn around and go “Back to Forwards”! Don’t be confused by the title of our latest sheepdog training tutorial, “Back to Forwards” is the follow up to “ Backwards is the Way Forwards” which really should be one of our most popular videos because it teaches the herding dog so […]

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