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  • New Tutorial: Training Max – the Gripper

    Max the sheepdog gripping (attacking) a sheep

    Here’s a way to save your sheep, your nerves, and possibly even your dog! Our Latest Tutorial   –   Training Max – the GRIPPER A dog with a persistent grip is no fun to train and, more importantly, can be a real danger to your sheep and a liability for your business. It’s a […]

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  • Pics of the day: The morning run

    Blue merle border collie sheep dog puppy

    A random selection of sheepdogs, out and about If a fox were to carry a Frisbee, then it would look like this. I say “if”, but we’re pretty sure that foxes do carry the dog toys out of the field sometimes. We’ve found long-lost soft toys a couple of fields away – and extremely pungent! […]

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