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Tag: Ezra

  • Big Fella in the Rain!

    Lovely close up photo of the big sheepdog, Ezra looking to his right as he shelters from the rain under a tree

    Ezra looking the part as he shelters from the rain Out with the dogs a few days ago, Gill and I took shelter under our big oak tree as the light rain became heavy. The dogs joined us under there, and as I had the camera with me, I used the opportunity to take some […]

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  • A Surprise Turnout to Move a Few Sheep!

    Photo of three herding sheepdogs walking up on a group of sheep

    Scylla and Ezra join Kay’s fun! We only have five acres of land here (about two hectares) and at the moment there are just twelve sheep on it. (More sheep coming soon). Because the land is where we exercise the dogs twice a day for their recreation, we need to be careful that the dogs […]

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