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  • Featured Tutorial: The Training Area

    Trainee sheep and cattle dog Remus keeping a small bunch of sheep under control

    (Not to be confused with “The Training Ring“) IS YOUR TRAINING GROUND A HELP, OR A HINDERANCE? Your training area can make or break the early training sessions. It might seem like hard work, but taking the time to round off the corners and clear some obstacles will make it easier for your dog to […]

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  • New tutorial: The training area

    Photo of a sheepdog trainer fastening the field gate, watched by Kay the trainee sheepdog. This is the title image of the training area tutorial

    For beginners and beyond The wide open spaces have their place, but NOT in the early stages of sheepdog training. For the best chance of success, and to save your legs and temper, keep the dog and sheep contained. We stress, in our training tutorials, that: “The closer you are to the dog, the more control […]

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