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  • Kelpie Molly earns her wings!

    Despite having little training to date, Molly’s reached basic Sheepdog Status! Sheepdog training sessions have been somewhat few and far between here recently, because we’ve been busy updating the sheepdog training tutorials as well as working on the website. So after a really good session with Scylla today, I thought it was high time Molly […]

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  • Wow! Kelpie Molly gets our ‘Man of the Match’ Award!

    Close up photo of Molly lying on the grass

    It’s taken a while, but Molly’s showing real commitment and keeping her sheep together very well If you’ve read our Kelpie vs Collie blog, you’ll know that we’ve had our ups and downs with Kelpies over the years, and I’ve personally been on the receiving end of some bitter comments from enthusiasts for what I […]

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  • Molly Completes Our Kelpie Trio

    Molly is a red and tan Kelpie puppy aged eight weeks

    Molly joins us as Kelpie number three! We’re very pleased to welcome our latest Kelpie puppy Molly to join our other Kelpies Will and Tucker, as trainee sheep and cattle herding dogs. Mollie is super-obedient at the moment, a real pleasure to have around but of course, she’s only been with us for a few […]

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  • Pic of the Day – Eric’s finding his place

    AND his name! It turns out that the Chihuahua, formerly known as Emrys, is actually called Eric. Eric’s been with us for a week now, and is starting to find his place within the pack. I’d assumed that Eric’s “pack” would be the existing small dogs, Alfie and Chester, but Eric’s clearly aiming higher than […]

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  • Tucker and Pip

    Tucker appearing from behind a tree stump

    Two very bright lights to keep us cheerful Of course, we’re still very sad since losing old Mel on Wednesday, but having the other dogs around, especially puppies Tucker and Pip, is a great tonic. Despite Pip being several weeks younger than Tucker, the pair get along amazingly well. In fact the only small problem […]

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  • Pic of the day – Catching up

    Red and tan Australian Kelpie sheepdog

    Life’s slowly returning to normal after a trying month There’s been a distinct lack of news here in recent weeks, due to our domestic ‘flu epidemic (if two makes an epidemic). Luckily we weren’t ill at the same time, but for some weeks we’ve been operating with a skeleton staff, first Andy and then me, […]

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  • Pic of the day: Post “Storm Imogen”

    Australian Kelpie sheepdog puppy, looking stylish

    After five days in Storm Imogen’s clutches… …the dogs are enjoying some watery sunshine, and Tucker’s looking stylish. We’ve had a wet and windy few days, in common with most of the UK of course. Although we still made sure that the dogs had their usual exercise sessions, it always seems unfair to bring the […]

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