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Tag: Molly

  • Kelpie Molly earns her wings!

    Despite having little training to date, Molly’s reached basic Sheepdog Status! Sheepdog training sessions have been somewhat few and far between here recently, because we’ve been busy updating the sheepdog training tutorials as well as working on the website. So after a really good session with Scylla today, I thought it was high time Molly […]

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  • Wow! Kelpie Molly gets our ‘Man of the Match’ Award!

    Close up photo of Molly lying on the grass

    It’s taken a while, but Molly’s showing real commitment and keeping her sheep together very well If you’ve read our Kelpie vs Collie blog, you’ll know that we’ve had our ups and downs with Kelpies over the years, and I’ve personally been on the receiving end of some bitter comments from enthusiasts for what I […]

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  • Border Collie Sheepdogs Come in Assorted Colours!

    Close up photo of a very pretty black, white, tan and merle border collie with pricked ears (and her tongue out).

    We love coloured dogs and we’ve had a few over the years! Yesterday’s post about so-called mis-marked puppies sparked a lot of response, mostly on Facebook and Twitter. One of the questions we were asked was whether we train Merle or Red and White dogs. Yes, we’ve trained quite a number over the years, but […]

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