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Tag: Pippin

  • Pippin – Super Little Sheepdog and Super Mum!

    Smooth coated border collie Pippin's doing really well in her new home.

    Great things come in small packages! “Hi Andy. Just to let you know the dogs have settled in lovely. Pippin is already working groups of 300 ewes like she has been doing it for years. Thanks again. Brilliant dogs.” This was the text message I received a few days ago from Pippin’s new owner. It’s […]

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  • Pic of the day – Catching up

    Red and tan Australian Kelpie sheepdog

    Life’s slowly returning to normal after a trying month There’s been a distinct lack of news here in recent weeks, due to our domestic ‘flu epidemic (if two makes an epidemic). Luckily we weren’t ill at the same time, but for some weeks we’ve been operating with a skeleton staff, first Andy and then me, […]

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  • Pic of the day: Tucker gets promoted

    Sheepdog puppies, two border collies and a kelpie

    Tucker’s in charge when we collect new puppies And seems to change from bouncy puppy to calm, sophisticated young “dog of the world” in an instant! We’re told that Kelpies are especially good travellers. Tucker’s already pretty well travelled, within Wales anyway, but we thought we’d give him an extra outing on Monday and took […]

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