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  • Too Many Puppies in One Bed!

    Photo of ten or more puppies crowded into a bed. Nearly all of the pups are looking towards the camera and looking bright and cheerful!

    Lots of memories, but was it really six years ago today? We couldn’t resist showing you this photo of a whole bunch of puppies crowded into one bed! There are lots of fond memories here for us – and it’s a lovely picture too! The pair at the front left are Dulcie (tricolour) and Gloria, […]

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  • Is it wise to buy more than one puppy?

    Two rough coated border collie puppies in the foreground facing the camera with another one sniffing around in the background

    The short answer is “no – it’s a bad idea”. From time to time, people ask if they can buy more than one puppy from us. It’s very rare that we say yes. When you buy a puppy or even a trained sheepdog, it’s very important that the new dog ‘bonds’ with you as quickly […]

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  • Farewell to Bronwen (her talent was wasted here)!

    Extreme close up photo of a cheerful looking Bronwen

    Bronwen’s gone to a new home in Gloucestershire where she’ll have a much larger flock of sheep to look after Training and selling sheepdogs is all very well, but, when it comes to selling a dog that you’re very fond of, it can be an extremely difficult decision. For a long time we felt that […]

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  • How do you feel about mis-marked puppies?

    Close up photo of two border collie puppies lying together. One has a white face and one of its eyes is blue

    We love coloured dogs and we’ve had a few over the years! Yesterday’s post about so-called mis-marked puppies sparked a lot of response, mostly on Facebook and Twitter. There’s nothing unusual about this. We’ve noticed over the years that some people strongly dislike unusual markings on dogs. I can remember once when we had a […]

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  • You can find shelter in all sorts of places

    Three young puppies huddled together in an upturned dog bed

    These are a few of the border collie puppies we sometimes have for sale to suitable working or very active homes The puppies come from excellent sheep and cattle working lines, and will be ideal for farm work as well as agility and other very active homes. Some will be rough coated and a few […]

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  • Molly Completes Our Kelpie Trio

    Molly is a red and tan Kelpie puppy aged eight weeks

    Molly joins us as Kelpie number three! We’re very pleased to welcome our latest Kelpie puppy Molly to join our other Kelpies Will and Tucker, as trainee sheep and cattle herding dogs. Mollie is super-obedient at the moment, a real pleasure to have around but of course, she’s only been with us for a few […]

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  • Pic of the day – Puppies! Hurrah!

    We’re delighted that one of our favourite collies, Isla, has produced a litter of seven fabulous puppies. Of course we’re just assuming, at the moment, that they’ll be fabulous, but with Isla for a mother, and a father like Ezra, what else could they possibly be? The puppies, four girls and three boys, were born […]

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  • Pic of the day: Tucker gets promoted

    Sheepdog puppies, two border collies and a kelpie

    Tucker’s in charge when we collect new puppies And seems to change from bouncy puppy to calm, sophisticated young “dog of the world” in an instant! We’re told that Kelpies are especially good travellers. Tucker’s already pretty well travelled, within Wales anyway, but we thought we’d give him an extra outing on Monday and took […]

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