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  • Training your dog with cattle or ducks

    Border collie working with cattle

    “Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks” A new DVD for the Working Sheepdog Website Shop Not all border collies are needed to work sheep; we’ve had dogs attending our courses who were needed to work with cattle, alpacas, goats and turkeys. Although we don’t keep cattle ourselves, it was often useful to […]

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  • Tutorials 3 DVD – Coming Very Soon!

    Herding sheepdog Carew holding sheep in the yard

    Volume THREE – available in a few days time! 2xDVD set containing another sixteen of our latest Sheepdog Training Tutorials Our new cattle and sheep herding dog training DVD will be on sale in a very few days time. It contains sixteen great chapters for those unable to watch our Sheepdog Training Tutorials online. Take […]

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