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  • Featured tutorials – assess your dog’s progress

    Photo of herding sheepdog Mo looking towards the camera. Behind her are two lambs.

    There are plenty of ups and downs when you’re training a sheepdog, so take the time to assess your dog’s progress realistically. If you feel progress has slowed (or stopped) then you probably just need to take a step back and give your dog some easier tasks for a while. On the other hand, if […]

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  • A NEW Training DVD and a GREAT OFFER for BUYERS!

    Picture showing the five DVDs on special offer

    We’re proudly announcing our FOURTH Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVD and a great offer to help you buy more than one copy! If you’re eagerly awaiting the next volume of our collected tutorials… HERE IT IS! PLUS, to celebrate Volume 4 and mark an amazing ten years since the launch of our first DVD, First Steps […]

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