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  • Featured tutorials – Putting a stop (or wait, or lie down) to it

    Stopping the Dog – Parts One, Two & Three take a detailed look at the problems surrounding the stop (or wait, or lie down, or whatever command you choose). They explain why your dog doesn’t want to stop, and what you can do to make it more likely that the dog will obey your stop command when you […]

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  • Featured tutorial – The Stop (Part 3)

    Some sheepdogs stay on their feet, rather than lie down, when they stop

    Stopping the dog is a great help, but don’t rush it! A huge thank you to the subscriber who let us know they were having problems running Part Three of our Stopping the Dog tutorial. The entire tutorial has been taken apart and put back together again, and not only is it up and running as […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Stopping the Dog Part 2 – Revised!

    We’ve uploaded the latest tutorial to benefit from a lot of new footage and much more information. Now that part two of our “Stopping the Dog” series is available to members, these completely revised tutorials Stopping the Dog – Parts One & Two take a detailed look at the problems surrounding the stop (or stand, […]

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  • Revised tutorial – Stopping the Dog Part One

    Title page of training tutorial stopping the dog

    We’re continuing to revisit and revise the tutorials, adding information and improved footage as we go. Our latest revision is Stopping the Dog – Part One. Unsurprisingly it’s a popular tutorial, as problems with the stop are very common – almost to be expected. Of course there are things you can do to persuade your […]

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  • Featured Tutorial – The Perfect Stop!

    Improve the stop of your herding cattle or sheepdog without damaging the dog's confidence

    Improve your dog’s stop without damaging its confidence A dog which will stop instantly on command is a great asset on any livestock farm. The most common fault among working sheepdogs is that they’re too eager, and their handler cannot stop them precisely when and where they need to, but over-intense training can damage a […]

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