The CULPRIT – Dulcie the ‘Sheep Worrying’ Puppy

Don’t be fooled by the looks . . .

Dulcie has a slighly guilty look - and it's no wonder.
The sheep worrying puppy – Dulcie’s innocent looks don’t fool us!

If you think Dulcie is a picture of innocence, think again. She’s the one who’s leading the other puppies into bad ways – running off to have a go at the sheep when the rest of us are on our way back to the yard after a run.

She didn’t get a chance to do it this morning, because I scooped her up and carried her home, but two of her litter mates went instead!

We have absolutely no doubt that Dulcie and her friends are going to be wonderful sheepdogs – in fact, I can barely wait to start training them. The whole litter seem to be very courageous and hell-bent on chasing sheep at the moment. Long may their strong herding instinct prevail. We’ll keep you posted with the progress of Dulcie and the other puppies as their training progresses. (Please leave comments if you’d like to).


  1. I love this dog ! Please may I ‘borrow ‘ her ? Of course I will return her ! Honestly ! I love border collies so much.

  2. Dulcie reminds me, in looks, of our Mac. Never ceases to amaze me how clever they are. Must stop looking at puppy pictures, we’re not ready for another just yet!

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