The puppy games get rougher as they grow up

Puppies play-fighting in the early March sunlight
Poor Bess is ‘it’ today! As far as I can tell, the dogs in the picture are: (l to r) Audrey, Bess (on floor) Meg (at the back), an unidentified puppy, and Gloria. (Click for larger picture).

Puppies love to play, and this morning was no exception. The sun was shining gloriously when I took the dogs out for their morning walk, and the youngsters were enjoying it to the full.

Poor Bess seemed to be the object of their attention most of the time. I wonder if it’s because the other dogs knew I had spoken sharply to her for barking? She took it all in good part though, and once she was able to get up, she gave back as good as she got.

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