This Kelpie’s pretty COOL !

Working Kelpie Sheepdog - Molly
Working Kelpie Sheepdog Molly was totally focussed on her sheep during her sheepdog training course.

Having had a rather disappointing experience with training our Kelpie, Red, Andy had mixed feelings when Paul Marsh brought his young Kelpie bitch Molly, for training today.

He needn’t have worried. Molly was a credit to her breed. She showed none of the lack of concentration that beset Red’s training sessions, and with a little guidance, Paul was able to get her under control and working sheep nicely.

Molly worked all morning and never lost concentration on her sheep. She has certainly helped to restore Andy’s faith in Kelpies as reliable working sheepdogs. Paul is moving to a new job at the end of January where he and Molly will be caring for eight hundred ewes in Gloucestershire.

Read the full Kelpie vs Collie training comparison (but don’t take it too seriously – it was just one Kelpie).

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