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Too Many Puppies in One Bed!

Photo of ten or more puppies crowded into a bed. Nearly all of the pups are looking towards the camera and looking bright and cheerful!

Lots of memories, but was it really six years ago today?

We couldn’t resist showing you this photo of a whole bunch of puppies crowded into one bed! There are lots of fond memories here for us – and it’s a lovely picture too!

The pair at the front left are Dulcie (tricolour) and Gloria, who both showed great potential as sheepdogs, then there’s a pup with its tongue out who’s name escapes me, and Audrey, the red and white one on the right. Dulcie, Gloria, Audrey and Rita (behind Dulcie and Gloria) all feature heavily in our sheepdog training tutorials.

  • Audrey – “Calm But Firm”
  • Dulcie – “Get off the Fence”
  • Gloria – “Educating Gloria”
  • Rita – “Give the Sheep Space”

Most of the pups went on to be sheepdogs or agility dogs.




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