Training course abandoned!

Yes – abandoned before it began!

There’s been an awful lot of rain over the past few days, but I wasn’t too worried about today’s sheepdog training course, because the BBC weather forecast predicted that the rain would stop by 11am. (Well, it did first thing this morning).

By about 9.30, the forecast had changed to rain until at least 1 pm. The three lanes approaching here were all flooded in places but passable, but the rate at which the water was flowing off the fields and onto the roads, was alarming.

It was far too late to contact the people who were attending the course, because they would be nearly here, and indeed, one or two cancelled, but when the others had arrived (thankfully most coming from not too far away on this occasion) we discussed the situation over tea and coffee, and the consensus was that it would be best to call it a day.

As a result, we’ll be putting on an extra training day, and inviting those who went home without a run, to take part. Alternatively, we will try to fit them onto existing courses.

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  1. Phew! Was feeling a bit gutted I was missing out especially as Doy and I had an abysmal time training that day. Looking forward to some advice and guidance and what I am dong wrong or not seeing!
    Hope your lanes sort themselves out soon or I guess it’s swimming lessons for all?!

    1. No. No training yesterday – apart from the floods, the sheep were completely sodden. The wind dried them out nicely today, only for the rain to lash down again this evening (poor things).

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